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Charles Hsu / EGI Capital Founding

Charles Hsu / EGI Capital Founding
Charles Hsu / EGI Capital Founding

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EGI Capital Founding and Managing Partner Dr. Charles Hsu has more than 20 years of experiences at MIT, at Harvard, in startups, in MIT ILP (China Program), in MIT Technology Review (Chinese Edition), and in his company, EGI Capital, which stands for EBO (Emerging Business Opportunities) Global Innovation Capital, on venture services. EGI Capital currently has more than two dozen start-up companies in its portfolio and has had some excellent exits in the past year.  


Dr. Hsu is an alumnus of MIT and Harvard covering electrical engineering and computer sciences, law, and business management. Dr. Hsu is active at MIT Corporation and at President and Fellows of Harvard College serving both for more than a decade. Dr. Hsu has had the great privilege to work with numerous world-renowned scientists and scholars at Harvard and MIT including Dr. J. Gilbert, Dr. V. Bulovic, Dr. G. Chen, Dr. F. Habbal along with MIT President R. Reif, MIT Provost M. Schmidt, and MIT Dean of Engineering A. Chandrakasan. 


Dr. Hsu is also an alumnus of UC Berkeley and he continues his support at Cal Alumni Association and Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC) for more than two decades. Dr. Hsu formally worked at Sony Corporation in Tokyo, Japan and at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan before he became a successful entrepreneur.  


Dr. Hsu is both a serial and parallel entrepreneur and has founded and co-founded several startup companies mainly in Greater Boston, particularly at Kendall Square. Among these companies, two of them had been acquired by major companies in US; both are MEMS technology-based companies for applications in display. 

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