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David Cundey / Sr. VP and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

David Cundey / Sr. VP and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
David Cundey / Sr. VP and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
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About David Cundey

David has spent his entire career in the private wealth management industry. He began his career at Franklin Mutual Funds and later joined Alex Brown in San Francisco, where he focused on 144 sales for individuals and entities. In 2000, he was recruited to Robertson Stephens in New York where he was a Managing Director for the firm’s emerging high-net worth effort. David then moved to Jefferies as a Managing Director in 2002 on the dissolution of Robertson Stephens. In 2007, David joined Credit Suisse where he was a Director in Private Banking and Wealth Management until 2015 when he joined Morgan Stanley.

A long-time disciple of David Swenson (Yale Endowment head), David believes in combining assets in a manner that produces a low-risk, high-expected return portfolio and includes a large amount of non-public assets and index-based solutions. He focuses extensively on after-tax performance and downside risk. 

David specializes in providing liquidity solutions, tailored investment advice and diversification strategies to individuals and entities with concentrated securities. In addition, he holds the Morgan Stanley Middle Markets Group designation which allows him to provide research and offer the firm’s resources to institutional accounts.

David lives in Summit, New Jersey with his wife and three children. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, golf and surfing.  

He holds B.S. degree in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University.

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