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10/27/2020 Virtual Webinar

Online Virtual Webinar
What's Next for Taiwan?
10.27.2020 4PM PDT(台灣10.28.20早晨 7點)
We have successfully concluded the event.
We are so grateful to everyone who joined us.
Thank you so much

10/27/2020 Keynote Speakers

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KNERON'S FOUNDER AND CEO Albert Liu, Kneron’s founder and CEO. After graduating from the Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, he got the scholarships from Raytheon and the University of California to join the UC Berkeley/UCLA/UCSD research programs, and then got his PhD in Electrical Engi..
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FOUNDER & cEO 黃欽勇DIGITIMES總經理暨電子時報社長為34年資歷的產業分析師,一手創辦科技專業媒體《電子時報》(DIGITIMES),著有《科技島鏈》、《巧借東風》、《西進與長征》、《出擊》、《電腦王國ROC》、《打造數位台灣》、等多本著作。曾旅居韓國與美國,受邀至多家國際企業總部及大專院校講授產業趨勢,遍訪中國、歐美、亞太主要城市。現任經濟部顧問、外貿協會董事。..
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PresidentRupert Hammond-ChambersMr. Hammond-Chambers was born and raised in Scotland before emigrating to the United States in 1987 and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Denison University. As a new graduate in 1991, he worked for Advanced Telecommunication Corporation (ATC), managing a variety o..
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