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6/19 Pitch Competition

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Cora Lo, Founder

Biomere Tech is a biopolymer engineering company. Specialized in silk fibroin (SF) technology which was first developed and successfully delivered for a DARPA project. Silk fibroin protein is a breakthrough polymers with remarkable biomedical and mechanical properties which make it favorable for a broad range of aerospace, tissue engineering and drug delivery applications.


Justin Chueh and Yao-Tung Tsou, Founders

DeCloak Intelligences offers a differential privacy solution to protect individual’s privacy while allows data to be aggregated, analyzed, and even sold without worrying about breaking privacy regulations. The company’s patent-pending technology works with a broad range of AIoT devices such as medical, wearable, smart appliances, utility meters …etc.. Medical data is extremely private and valuable for researchers to find cures where DeCloak can bridge the data privacy and data analyzability.


Harry Su, Founder

LuminX dedicates to accelerate the optimization of cell- therapy-products through specific understanding of therapeutic cells distribution in-vivo, long-term viability, as well as their biological fate either in preclinical or clinical setting, and our technologies can transition a potential therapy from the research stage to advanced clinical and commercial applications to save lives.


Chung-Chu Chen, Founder

Somnics Inc. is a medical device company that focuses on developing innovative technologies for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Contrary to existing OSA-treatment machine that uses Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), our product, iNAPonary therapy system of applying Negative Pressure to oral cavity, provides a simple, more comfortable and discreet way that allows patients to breath naturally during OSA treatment.


Ben Huang, CEO

TendMIN focuses on developing a better solution for Tendon Repair. We design disposable minimally invasive surgery devices which reduce the tendon recovery time from 6 times to 4 months, saving 1280 USD for patients. The product creates the smallest incision comparing with other companies with the lowest complication rates reported.