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Webinar Instruction


It is easy to access the webinar meeting

It is encouraged to register prior the webinar or just come to webinar when it’s time, the waiting room will be activated.

There are 3 ways for easy access:

1)      Join from website: You can click “Join now” to pre-register and when it’s webinar time, click again to access the room.

2)      Join from email: A reminder email will be sending to you prior the webinar with a link, simply click and access.

3)      Join from WebEx App: If you already have WebEx app on your phone or computer, simply enter Room ID: 187 376 7473 and the password is 12345.

Video Address:

                             You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Audio conference:          

United States Toll


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Access code: 187 376 7473


您可以選擇先註冊, 我們系統就會發送郵件提醒及一鍵入口。 也可以在當天線上直播時間直接進入, 如果您早到了,我們也有等待區為您服務。 

第一種: 直接在我們官網 的頁面上按Join Now,會直接連出到WebEx平台,請填入姓名,郵箱,及我們免費參加的密碼12345即可 
第二種: 如果您已經先註冊要參加, 郵件提醒裡有一鍵進入的服務
第三種: 如果您已經是WebEx平台的使用戶, 只需打開App 輸入房間號碼(Room ID)187 376 7473 即可找到,進入密碼為12345