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About Select Taiwan

Preface of Select Taiwan


The relationship between Taiwan and the U.S. is multifaceted and deeply woven in partnerships that transcend politics and economic benefits. The Select Taiwan Business Summit’s mission is to continue nourishing and developing these partnerships and expand the broader set of opportunities that would benefit more people and businesses from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. 


Over the past few decades, the relationship between the U.S. and Taiwan has strengthened through immigration, strong political exchanges, and favorable bilateral economic policies. These dynamics have led to increases in Taiwanese-owned business activities, particularly in the manufacturing, real estate, and technology sectors.  These businesses and their owners have made significant contributions to the U.S. economy.  Moreover, Taiwanese immigrants and their children are deemed models immigrants and significant contributors to American society.  


Many of these immigrants moved to the U.S. in the 1970s with a lot of intellectual capital yet little financial capital. They were full of entrepreneurial spirit and since then have established products and services that offer enormous impact around the globe.  Unfortunately, Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans are still not well-represented in the eco-political sphere in the U.S.


The Select Taiwan Business Summit is a conference platform that seeks to give voice to these quiet influencers and enable business owners and managers to exchange ideas and raise awareness of the issues and concerns Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American communities care about.


It is our duty and honor to put this vision in action and kick off the inaugural Select Taiwan Business Summit.


The preliminary agenda for the Select Taiwan Business Summit is full of impactful programs.  Thought leaders from both sides of the Pacific across business, political, and academic sectors will come together to share their stories and offer their mentorship.  The discussions will be vibrant and luminous.  We are enthusiastic that many new initiatives/relationships and future collaborations and cooperation will start to take shape.  There is no limit to our impact; it is all up to our imagination and commitment.   


We are also hosting a pitch competition featuring numerous new innovations by Taiwanese-Americans in various stages of business development, all competing for top prizes of cash rewards and mentorship and funding opportunities. 


Come and join us!  Boldly take that first step and start influencing the world around you.  “Together, we can make a difference.”  “Together, we can make our organization stronger!”  We hope that by introducing the Select Taiwan Business Summit, we will have more people join us in years to come to help strengthen the Taiwanese business community and expand the platform for presenting innovative ideas and practices that will effectively transform and improve our community's businesses.  Because there is no limit to our impact; it is all up to our imagination and commitment! 

Select Taiwan Mission Statement


1.      To promote more trading opportunities between Taiwan and the U.S.

2.      To increase the visibility of Taiwanese products in the U.S. through conferences, policy research and initiatives.

3.      To create mutual investment opportunities between Taiwan and the U.S.


Objectives and Functions


1.      Think Tank:  Conduct research and development on the business opportunities for Taiwanese citizens in the U.S. and business opportunities for U.S. citizens in Taiwan. 

2.      Investment: Assess the opportunities for investments accompanying these opportunities.

3.      Make a long-term plan for the sustainability of this organization.



Select Taiwan will be a corporation organized in the State of Maryland.

Officers and Founders:

CEO/President: Eugenia Henry白越珠
Founder: Jerry Wang汪俊宇
COO: Lu OuYang歐陽露
CTO: Vicki Lai賴雅亭
CFO/Treasurer: Christina Yu游淑華
Liaison to Canada: Chi-Ling Yu 余琪玲
Liaison to Taiwan: Judy Yang楊禮朱